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Year End Fundraising

“Joy Olson had a ‘meteoric rise’ at PBS. She started out in membership, performing so well we added “Major Gifts Officer” to her duties. Within a year, Joy was appointed development director, becoming one of the most successful Southern Oregon public television had ever seen.”

Bill Campbell - CEO (retired), SOPTV

“In her role as executive director of the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation I saw Joy set goals that were very, very ambitious, and then achieve them by implementing a well-conceived strategy. Joy, a skilled organizer, keeps her efforts efficient and on target. Joy Olson is exceptional. She is a winner who brings success to any enterprise in which she is engaged.”

John W.Snider - District Director, Congressman Greg Walden

“Joy’s accomplishments at SoHumane are staggering. She thrives on solving problems. During her tenure at Bear Creek greenway, she quickly – and we mean quickly – secured the $4 million needed to complete the last 4 miles of the Greenway. In 2011, when we were at our darkest hour, Joy worked the phones, knocked on doors, and practically went from house to house to find the money needed to keep the doors open and secure a financially sustainable future for SoHumane.”

Kenn Altine - Executive Director, SoHumane

“I recently had the opportunity to attend an intensive development/fundraising training class with Joy Olson. As a new development director I can say without hesitation it was time well spent. Joy has such an impressive background and is an absolute master of best practices when it comes to fundraising and development. If you are looking for the highest caliber of fundraising and development experience I suggest you contact Joy. She has a proven track record of extraordinary results.”

Karen Evans - Development Director, SoHumane



Today we review Year-End Fundraising Check Lists, 12 of them to be exact. Bloomerang recently published Claire Axelrad’s 12 Fundraising Check Lists and it is so super that wanted to share with you today, along with your link to the download: https://bloomerang.co/resources/guides/the-definitive-year-end-fundraising-checklist/


Annual Appeal Tips from Dean of Direct Mail, Jerry Huntsinger

1. Don’t do too much ‘good news’ reporting

2. Do talk a little about yourself for personal touch

3. Surprise them with your new or unique format

4. Tell more stories about need

5. Create graphic excitement with font and headlines

6. Do a loooong letter (2 or 3 pages)

7. Don’t be shy about offending them with your appeals

8. Get to Know Your donors

9. Let them know you’re thinking about them


October is the perfect time to review or begin or improve your 2017 #GivingTuesday campaign. Need some inspiration or a few tips?

1. Set up Goals ( new donors, $$$$, etc)

2. Take a #GivingTuesday Webinar for new ideas

3. Make a Plan with goals and timeline

4. Be Inspiring with Your Stories

5. Create really good instant thank you’s with the platform you choose

6. Try New Ideas


Perfecting Moves Management is essential to securing major gifts. Let’s learn from David Dunlap, the pioneer of moves management and focus on how we can make our donors want to give more!


The 2017 FEP Giving Effectiveness Report, (http://afpfep.org), which I read last weekend prompted this video and the video seems very somber, but so is the news! I personally trust this report due to the fact that 4 superstars, Bloomerang, DonorPerfect, eTapestry and Neon put it the data together with nearly 11,000 nonprofits participating! Fundraisers, you need to read this report and adjust your fundraising!  We are certainly not making forward-like fundraising strides!

Don’t Lose Your New Donors!

Most new donors will never give again, 70% to be more specific! So how do you keep them and turn them into loyal advocates for your cause? Follow these brilliant steps from the New Welcome Plan Save the Children has put together! It Works! And put together a welcome plan now in time for those #GivingTuesday new donors you are going to acquire this year!

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About Joy Olson

I started my career as a stockbroker and after 17 stressful years so looked forward to the feel-good and do-good non-profit world. I am a competitor and did my first triathlon at 40 later becoming an age-group world class triathlete. My first marathon was a few years ago in Paris with my Rotarian friends. I loved being a mother of 2 sons and am crazy in love with my pets, currently four dogs and three cats. I love huge challenges and prefer turnaround situations where getting money in the door is critical. I love having a Plan A with a good back-up Plan B to make sure it happens. Planning is Critical. A true passion of mine in the development field the past six years is social media, I think it is the new wave and direction of fundraising in the world and I embrace it. Now I love being at the point to quantify the results. And finally it is with great pleasure and satisfaction to make my experiences available and scalable for anyone out there who has the passion and the inclination to make the world a better place by becoming an expert fundraiser! Here’s to you and I hope your hearts will help change the world.




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Fabulous Annual Appeal Year-End Fundraising Tips From the Top

Annual Appeal Suggestions and Who better to take annual appeal suggestions from than the Dean of Direct Mail? Jerry Huntsinger from the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII) gives these nine great tips for winning appeal letters.

Thank You CheckList

1. Personalization

2. Use exciting lead sentence

3. Thank donor for past gift

5. Add P.S. of interest

6. Mention your social media links

7. Keep it short

8. Use word “You”

9. Add required tax deductible lingo

10. Hand Sign

Website Check Up
October is the perfect time to get your website ready for year-end success! 270 million Americans use the internet daily on any number of devices. For great advice on how to improve your website, watch now.

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