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  • Creating your first fundraising plan

  • How to develop a strategic plan

  • Strategies, samples, and templates for your plans

  • Creating a planned giving plan

  • Sample online fundraising plan

  • Fundraising planning worksheet

  • How to make the case for giving


  • Donor thank you calls

  • B. Increasing monthly donors and why it matters

  • 10 Stewardship best practices

  • Supersizing donor cultivation

  • How to inspire your donors with your great storytelling

  • Maximizing your donor strategy

  • Build better relationships with your donors

  • How to make positive asks with ease

Major Gifts

  • Successful major gift moves management

  • How to solicit for major gifts

  • Moving donors up the gift ladder

  • Cultivating major gifts

  • How to find new major donors

  • How to steward major gifts

  • Setting up the ask meetings

  • Cultivating your top 20 donors

  • How to determine what a major gift is at your organization

  • Top major donor fundraising trends

  • Know and understand your prospects

Non-Profit Social Media

  • How to create an effective nonprofit website, your own checklist

  • How to raise more money for your nonprofit through social media

  • How to determine which social media channels are right for you?

  • 10 ways to use social media to make all your events a huge success

  • How to benefit your organization with a strong Facebook presence

  • How to build the ultimate donation page

  • How to drill down and target your market on social media

  • How to use analytics to determine your web effectiveness

Dazzling Donor Communications

  • Successful Direct Mail templates

  • Email and Eblasts that convert to $$$

  • Winning with a properly worded & timely thank you

  • How to move your donors to action with storytelling

  • Motivating your donors to monthly giving status

  • Drawing you Donor in with passion & mission

  • How to raise more $$ from your top donors

  • How to follow up with love and connections to the organization


  • How to raise more year-end money and just weeks

  • 10 Secrets to raise more money with your year-end appeal

  • Compelling year and messages for #GivingTuesday

  • Simple Year and fundraising checklist

  • Sample year and fundraising emails that are winners

  • Year end major gift moves that produce lots of dollars

  • Could you double your year and fundraising with this one secret?

  • Best appeals to maximize your year and results

  • Spectacular Year-End results with your Best Stories on Video & Email

Awesome Event Planning

  • How to know and create the best event for your audience

  • How to write a winning event plan that covers all the details

  • How to set up your budget and monthly/weekly timeline

  • How to determine best venue for event and set up the contract

  • How to create all your communications for your event, Save the Date to Exit Poll and more

  • How to find professional vendors, from sound set-up to cash bar and music

  • How to determine best software to use for you event for successful registration and check-out

  • How to deal with Details: Hiring Auctioneers, Getting Permits, Choosing Food, Table Arrangements, etc.

  • How to secure Live and Silent auction Items

  • How to set your event up on all social media

  • Extra Special Success Tips from other non-profits

  • Event Planning Books and Blogs Reviewed for more ideas